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CAMOUEST are specialists at keeping your fleet on the road. We offer a wide variety of maintenance and inspection programs for trucks and trailers, as well as personalized services designed to make your life easier.

Major Mechanical Repairs
CAMOUEST is equipped to handle all major mechanical repairs on heavy trucks and trailers. Our facility has large overhead doors with a drive-through bay, modern service pit area, and is conveniently situated for easy access by tractors and trailers.

Quality Assurance
CAMOUEST has developed a quality control system which ensures that each individual repair operation is thoroughly checked upon completion.

Preventative Maintenance Reports
CAMOUEST compiles a preventative maintenance follow-up report which describes the safety and mechanical repairs required for your vehicles to meet the industry standards.

Inspection Documents
CAMOUEST's personnel are familiar with all pertinent safety regulations required by the Province of Quebec (such as the "430" law), and will assist you in providing all necessary documentation to ensure full compliance.

Pick Up and Delivery Service
CAMOUEST's personnel will pick up, at your location, vehicles scheduled for service or repairs and return them to you upon completion. Using this service is convenient and cost effective for our customers.

Manufacturers' Warranties
CAMOUEST's knowledgeable personnel can often identify parts on your vehicles which may qualify for OEM warranty, resulting in reduced maintenance costs and increased savings for you.

Record Keeping
CAMOUEST maintains a fully computerized record keeping system, and is capable of providing fleet service data on each individual unit, as a full range effective maintenance cost controls.

CAMOUEST has qualified mechanics trained to properly diagnose any mechanical or electrical problems using our state-of-the-art computerized scanners and diagnostic equipment.